The Vision of California NOW Foundation

The California NOW Foundation, founded in 1985, is dedicated to the achievement of full participation in society by women and girls. We are a non-profit, charitable foundation, focused in California. We create and support projects that address the critical issues facing women and girls.

The CA NOW Foundation's dedication to the principles of women's equality is founded on its belief in:

Safety, Health and Equal Opportunities for Women and Girls

The California NOW Foundation, in partnership with CA NOW Inc., works to ensure safety, health and equal opportunities for women and girls. The SHE Agenda also includes the vision of true social, political and economic equality.

To realize this, we must share leadership with men in the major institutions that define the face of our society: Media, Business, Politics and Education. The CA NOW Foundation focuses on education, training and the creation of resources to achieve the SHE Agenda goals.

A Commitment to Justice

The California NOW Foundation maintains a commitment to justice on all levels as we continue to work toward equality for women and girls.

A Promise to the Future

Our hopes and dreams are for the community of all children. Together, children need to share dreams of opportunity and achievement. Through scholarships, trainings and educational materials, the California NOW Foundation works to make these dreams come true.