California NOW Foundation Projects

Excellence In Education Luncheon
CA NOW Foundation is dedicated to working collectively to support gender equity in education and to help women achieve their educational goals. With the Excellence in Education Luncheon, we take the opportunity to honor educators and support students through our academic scholarship program.

Activist Awards Reception
An opportunity to recognize, honor and support our community activists. Community Activist scholarships will also be presented at this reception.

Scholarship Program
Academic Scholarship A statewide scholarship program for women pursuing degrees in the fields of education, politics, media, technology, business, science, mathematics, ethnic or women’s studies. We also give a Title IX scholarship to women in sports. Community Activist Scholarship Funding activist efforts in our communities to address critical issues affecting women and girls.

Media and Publications
Partnered with California NOW, we’ve created two important films for the feminist movement today. A Passion For Justice: 21st Century Feminism addresses what is at stake today for women and girls. We look at feminism through the eyes of high school and college students, as well as young and veteran feminist activists in the movement. Action for Justice: Making a Difference for Women and Girls, based upon our introductory training, is designed to allow you to take the training home. Both films have accompanying materials—a study guide and training manual. These are the current media projects and publications produced by the California NOW Foundation.

Third Wave Think Tank
Bringing together a collective of thirdwavers to strategize a plan of action to address critical issues affecting young women and girls.

Research and Public Policy
The CA NOW Foundation works to generate original research on critical issues that affect women and girls to transform social attitudes and direct public policy.

Action for Justice: Training Youth to Participate in Their Democracy
An intensive training weekend to introduce new feminists to the history and skills of activism. The weekend will address both grassroots and political activism. The goal of the training is to teach people the tools for activism in their home, school, community, workplace, and government. This weekend was used to film footage for the Action for Justice video, and the Action for Justice workbook was developed as a training tool for this event.

Activism into the Future: Advanced Training for Leaders
An advanced training weekend to expand the strategies and address the challenges to being a leader in community activism. Extending beyond our introductory training, Action for Justice, this training will center around strategy development, debate framing, media education, and fundraising, as well as address long-term issues of “burn-out” and retention.

The S.O.S. Project
The S.O.S. Project will train our youth to get Savvy On Sex! We provide comprehensive sex education that will include all the facts along with empowerment training and negotiation skills. The training will focus on the goal of creating peer-to-peer educators who will be prepared to return to their communities with self-awareness and confidence to address the myths and challenges of teen sexuality.